Facebook Phone Number & Email Verification Issue

When you open an account on Facebook, then there are few of the essential requirements you have to fulfill. One of the most important parts is that you must fill your email ID details and phone number. You have to fill at least one of them, which is required for connecting to the Facebook team if you need any assistance. Therefore, if Facebook is asking for any of the two or both the information, then it is for your betterment and Facebook can provide you services in an apt way. Hence, it is recommended to furnish the details which are updated and you use them the most. Now when you render the details, then Facebook always sends either an email or a message according to your preference and verify that these details belong to you. After verification, you also become sure that you gave the correct information.

Different Reasons for Verification Related Troubles

When you register your contact information with Facebook, then it is best to select to confirm via an email since a phone number can get changed later. Whether you choose any method for verification purpose, that is not a problem and you will receive a code to confirm your contact preference. In case if you choose the mobile number for verification, then you will get an SMS and need to reply to the same. If it is quite long and you still have not received any intimidation, then it is better to wait for a day or more time. There are different accessibility options that are available in the distinct nation and you have to wait according to the time Facebook team asked you to give them. If you have got the first message and still your account is not started, then wait for some time or days as per the necessity and try again. You can also visit the Facebook community page for further and more information here https://m.facebook.com/help/427064200647221 and get familiar with other aspects. It can be problematic and confirmation can be delayed because of Facebook accessibility in that particular country. Therefore, it is better to choose a verification technique through email, which is almost similar in every place.

Confirming Email via Phone

If you are looking for a way to confirm the email, but through your phone, then you can do it by using the internet on the phone or if you gave your phone number as well, then via link Facebook team will send you. You can also get more knowledge about the same through visiting the link at https://m.facebook.com/help/223900927622502?helpref=faq_content.

Email Verification Through an Email

It is the best method to verify your email through an email itself, but you have not done it and now in a problem. If the old account is not of much of necessary one, then you can create a new Facebook account, but in case you cannot afford it, then you need to report the issue to the Facebook team. You can find report a problem section in the settings.

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