Southwire Email Support Phone Number

Southwire does mean the use of wire in the different forms like cable wire and others for the worldwide purpose and mainly into North America. For technical support you may visit its technical support web page at and make yourself familiar with the tasks it can perform. You can also contact the technical team via their phone number by calling at 1-800-444-1700. For doing ordinary enquiry you can call at the other phone number at 770-832-4242 and get the required information you are seeking. There is one more number of the Canada where you can reach the people of Southwire by calling them at 440-628-2720 or at 1-800-668-0303. You can also send a request or query via emails at or at  Therefore, you can get support from the Southwire firm through several means but before doing that if it is your first time, then you must make yourself familiar with the products available.

For Other Needs

There is plenty of stuff Southwire deals in so that you may call for some specific product related help or you are from another nation and want to know about the best possible method to reach the Southwire team. If you are one of them then you must contact them by sending an email at  and at for tools and equipment related matter. For an issue related to energy and cord it would be best if you can make a call at the phone number 1-800-444-1700. You can also visit the contact web page of South wire at and choose the right option that is suitable for you. There you can also search and locate for a sales representative near to your residing or working location.

Troubles or Queries You May Have

It is quite usual before going for any product you prefer to question its strength and durability the most. If it is a need to put it in your own residence, then you may be more cautious prior to buying anything. You need not worry about the stuff you purchase from Southwire since you can verify its making techniques from the website itself or through the customer base as it has a lot of them. If you have any doubt regarding to the safety features by applying the power cable from Southwire or keen to know about the digging holes in your house despite going to ask them directly it is better to visit the site of Southwire where their efficient team members already made a list based on general queries they received from the users globally. You can visit the web page of Southwire FAQ section for energy and electrical related queries by going at The Southwire is not limited to only residential or commercial use but also deals in mining and huge industrial projects as well. Therefore, you also need not think about only small or big utility as Southwire transact in any kind of them according to your particular requirement.

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