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The innumerable social networking platforms on both mobiles and personal computers today, allow people to share information with people or to message them. Many of these are linked with the email of the user. This is where we know that the use of email has not become obsolete, instead, for many commercial and formal purposes, email service is considered to be a priority. Not only text, an email allows one to share media, and other files as a message with many people at the same time. In order to be connected with any organization or a company with whom one has been recently associated; email is a suitable option.

When it comes to computers and the world of information technology, the brand name that instantly strikes is Microsoft. From providing the Windows operating system for personal computers to manufacturing mobile phones, Microsoft has added various feathers in its cap. Providing a gaming platform through Xbox and bringing in the feature of video calling through Skype are some of them. The company is well known for MS Office which includes applications like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint etc. MS Office comes in two categories- Home use and Business use. MS Outlook is an information manager that comes as a part of Office Suite. In addition to being used as an email application, MS outlook also provides calendar and task manager etc. Microsoft has released various versions for Windows, the latest one being Outlook 2016. Outlook versions are also available for Mac, iOS and Android as well.

With this enormously wide range of services, Microsoft does not lag behind in offering an accessible and user-friendly support for them. For Outlook email also, one can seek support for any type of issue. Since Outlook mail comes as a part of the Office Suite, if people using Office for Business use face issues with Outlook mail, they can call Outlook email customer service number 1 800 865 9408 24×7 for technical assistance for any Office related issue. Forspecifically Outlook mail related issues, one can go to the official website and seek Outlook help. There are category-wise lists of questions related to email issues related to set-up, managing contacts, archives or operating system compatibility issues. If a user still requires telephonic assistance, he is required to select product category, type of assistance needed and login to his Microsoft account and retrieve the Outlook email customer service phone number. Options of Live Chat are also available in order to troubleshoot problems associated with email.

The support Microsoft offers for its services is well managed and is rated as user friendly. The Outlook email support, as well, is vast, approachable and very organized. The company thus, is keeping its customers across the globe satisfied with its products and services.

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