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Watching a video on Facebook is something that is beloved by many of the people worldwide and perhaps you are also one of them and facing any trouble while doing it. You may choose to contact the Facebook help center or look for a solution on your own. It is quite obvious that an HD video will show better effects and make you watching experience a better one than the usual video types. It is better, but there are consequences which you would not prefer to go through. If it is capable of providing a better picture quality, then it will eat up your internet data in a bigger quantity as well. At times, it is very frustrating for you if you bought a new hi-fi gadget thinking that it will perform better and observe that the video superiority is same as it was earlier. Therefore, changing your machine or tool is not a solution; instead you need to take other required measures.

Decide According To The Type Of Gadget You Are Using

You can visit the setting link to your Facebook page and can alter the video preference therein. https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=videos is the link which if you visit, and then you can set it as per your choice. When you visit the link, then you will find various options there and can change the “Video default quality” to the HD. If you will find it, then it will not trouble you anymore and you have to remember one important thing. You should save the changes you made there. Otherwise, it would be useless and all your work will go in vain. Therefore, it is a must to save the changes you made.

In Case Of Viewing Videos by The Means of Facebook App

If you are using Facebook app to see any video and it is not clear, then maybe you need to check the settings of your device since the Facebook app works perfectly in case you want to watch any video by that technique. Whenever you watch any video through the Facebook app, then it is better you record it and after doing that you view the same properly. It is also necessary that you use the HD option to record the same and then only you will be able to have the best possible quality of the videos. Hence, if you are interested in watching the top notch videos then you need to be making yourself prepared to spend accordingly as it is going to be pricey for you.

Length Of The Video Is Also Affecting Your Visual Quality

Have you ever pondered that the video duration is also affecting the video quality and if it is too long then you might face more trouble. The length can vary according to the device you are watching a video on and can allow up to 4 to 5 GB utmost. Therefore, the kind of device you are using in proportion with the length of the video should be considered.

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