Facebook Asking For Phone Number Even After Its Provided

There are two different ways to make your Facebook account secure and also for verification purpose. Giving your phone number is one from them and another way out is your email ID. If you have already validated your Facebook account, but a message is popped that register your phone number, then there can be various reasons for it. Maybe you gave your phone details, but haven’t saved the same. You can go to the Facebook account’s settings and check whether it is showing the phone details you entered or not. If it is not showing, that means you have to re-enter the details and should save them as well. Perhaps it will resolve your issue and Facebook team will not ask again for your phone number and related details. On the other possibility in which this technique won’t work, then you have to contemplate more options to resolve the trouble.

Other Alternatives You Can Consider and Apply

At times it also happens that you are not at all interested in sharing your private phone number with Facebook and anyone else, but it keeps on asking you about the same every time you logged in to your Facebook account. Have you ever pondered that Facebook is used worldwide and by the endless number of people and if you are not engrossed in giving your number, then there are other people who make it later? That’s why the Facebook system works according to everyone and not as per only your requirements. Still, if want to close that option, then you can stop receiving notifications by making desired changes in the settings. The settings section is available at the topmost right-hand side of your Facebook account and you can click and find apt settings for the notifications you want to close. When you click on the settings section, then you will find the notifications section separately and after clicking on it, you will further get four different options. You can change them according to your specific need. If this doesn’t resolve your trouble, then you can visit the help section or Facebook community as well and make yourself more familiar with the Facebook features.

Help Center and Facebook Community

If after trying to resolve the trouble you are facing, there is no result and still you are having the same dilemma, then you can visit the Facebook community where you can come to know about more possibilities and answers to your particular query. You can visit the Facebook community page via two methods. One of them is you can do it through your Facebook account and the other one is visiting it by clicking the link https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=10210039791535733 or at the link https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=10151374403551980. There you will find different solutions for similar kind of trouble that are faced by other people. If that won’t help you, legitimately, then you can contact the Facebook team’s help center directly.  Again, there are two ways you can do that either by your Facebook account or by clicking the link https://www.facebook.com/help/.

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