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Not so rarely do we hear that the world is shrinking at a fast pace. This is because communication has become far easier than it used to be a few decades ago. The various technological advancements have made exchange of messages easier, economical and much quicker. Internet made people reach out to the world. It gave many platforms to become social. One such service is the email or the electronic mail. Email service is used widely by people to exchange messages and files. When it comes to interacting with companies for queries related to products or for any formal conversation, an email proves to be an excellent choice.

CenturyLink Incorporation is an American company headquartered in Louisiana, United States. Founded in 1968, the company is a provider of communication and data services worldwide. Fixed line internet services, broadband services, fiber-optic broadband, television and internet protocols are some of the many services that the company offers. In addition to all of these, CenturyLink also offers email service, i.e., customers can have their CenturyLink accounts. It is a web portal where one can find blogs, articles and news related to various topics including health, entertainment, world etc. The services it provides are broadly meant for residential, business, governmental and wholesale customers across the globe.

For all the services offered by CenturyLink, the company also has support facility. One can contact the company for help through emails, live conversations and over telephone. Although the live chat option is subject to availability of technical expert, one can seek email account related assistance over telephone after a short while of wait. In case of any email related query, one can call the CenturyLink Email support center number 877-837-5738 which is available from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm. If one wishes to write to the company in order to seek support, the email service is available 24×7.

With a user-friendly and easily accessible support service, CenturyLink manages to keep its clients contented. Hence, they keep on making communication easier over the virtual world by the email service and maintain its market position.

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