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Getting help is although quite easy, but getting the appropriate one is of the utmost difficulty. Therefore, when you have to get some assistance while using any damn thing, then you have to be specific specifically in the case of Centurylink. Whenever it requires choosing for an apt help in case of email and related matters, then it is better to go to an expert and no one can be better than the Centurylink team itself. Therein you will find legitimate assistance via the individuals who have created it and are running the same successfully. Therefore, despite the reason you are looking for the help you can get it for almost everything simply by visiting the link at http://www.centurylink.com/home/help.html.  Thus, if you are finding some assistance who can resolve your antivirus issue or some connectivity issue, then you can visit the link and get the specific help according to your particular need.

Methods to Contact the Centurylink Team

There can be numerous requirements and so are the solutions, therefore, it is important to have a way which is suitable for you and is accessible at the time you need it. Hence Centurylink people have designed various alternatives to contact their team members as per your necessity. Either you can visit the link http://www.centurylink.com/help/contact/ and get familiar with them or you can read further.

  • To contact them via a phone call, you can call at the phone number 855-891-4083 for sales related query or otherwise in case of support need you can make a call at 855-891-4080. It entirely depends on your requirement and you can choose the phone number accordingly. In case if you require some help when you have large business related trouble, then you can call at 800-871-9244 and get that resolved. If you are using the Centurylink email for your personal intentions, then you have other phone numbers to call the team. For personal use you can make a call at 1 866-642-0444 and you have to remember one thing while calling the team. You should do it in appropriate office timings otherwise, you will not receive any response.
  • If you are in need of some help in odd timing, then it is better to approach the team through an email. When you visit the Centurylink web page, then you will find several options since there are different email ID’s for the distinct purpose and you have to be specific while choosing the correct one according to necessity. For doing it, you need to visit the link at http://www.centurylink.com/help/contact/?ent=q and select the accurate link further as per your picky need.
  • If you need instant help, then you have to choose a medium by which you can get it. The chat is the best way to get your dilemma resolved instantly and you can chat with the Centurylink team through visiting the link at http://www.centurylink.com/help/chat/?ent=q. Therefore, you have three ways to contact the experts and you can have in hand any of them.

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