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Maybe you use AOL Email or not, you would like to use it if once you know about it’s in and outs. You need to know about it, if you are using Verizon then you have to get it to convert to AOL because of plenty of reasons. You will be more than happy after doing this and when you read further then you will come to know why.

AOL is an app that will let you have additionally relieved to handle your email and have to start from downloading the app first. You can visit at and ask whatever you want to know about AOL and its app.

Resolution for the greatest trouble

While handling any email platform, the most of the users find the same dilemma and difficulty to handle it. After the transform of Verizon to AOL, you have to alter the email addresses that are connected with your old Verizon email account and AOL support team will help you solve it in a better way. You just need to log in at http://aol it with the platform name you want to make changes in. You can contact therein, and AOL support team will furnish you the support you need at the time of the modification.

The calendar problem

When you use AOL platform, then initial it will show an empty calendar with basic amenities and you have to feed in the details and data as required and then only it will be shown therein. If you want to make some changes according to your old account with Verizon then you can ask the AOL team to help you out and they will certainly do it.

Effects on business email sub-accounts

If you are a trader and employ your Verizon Email account to have more sub-accounts, then you may feel troubled at the initial stage because of the recent changes. You need not worry about them as they will get treated as the primary account and can have all the benefits that are available for free email account holders. If you are having any further mess then you can contact the AOL support team to help you out.

Back up related issues

If you are thinking to create a back for your previous email account, then forget that dilemma since the AOL team will take care of that problem with ease and provide you with the old and sensitive email information whenever you want them. Also, if you don’t want to change your password then you can save the same password at the time of registration on the AOL app or platform.

Separate contact numbers availability according to your residing place

AOL understands it quite well that you need to approach them at low cost and without much of efforts and that’s why it furnishes you a contact number as per your residing easiness. It has its call centers in the most of the nations worldwide. You can contact on 1-800-827-6364 or on 1-866-885-5117 to know the required information and get the desired solution.

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